Here's a "lose weight fast diet " specifically designed for women only. Women will thrive on this diet. In fact , do not even feel like you're on a weight loss diet .
What I will do is give you an outline to work off . In this way , you can choose your options and make the "ownership " of foods to suit your needs . Since I do not know you and I never knew it would be absurd to give only a general outline as each woman is different.
Lose weight fast diet
1. Work on the edges of your diet
What does that mean ... this means starting with sandwiches and snacks. Thousands of customers have advised , I think is the best way to start a weight loss diet for women.
So I want to eat these snacks .... apples, bananas , grapes , yogurt low in calories ( less than 80 calories ) , black olives , pickles with a slice of cheese , string cheese and dried meat
This is a great variety of foods to satisfy different tastes of the press.
Apples are my first choice. If you just do one thing ... eat three apples a day as snacks , lose 2 pounds per month for 2-4 months in a row.
These snacks do is start " complete " food. A healthy bridge ... and the bridge will be longer and longer until morning to night, it's just a healthy long bridge , you are one .
1. Having small amounts of protein throughout the day to speed up metabolism
You can use protein shakes , chicken breasts , lean meats, beans, eggs ( I'm big on eggs ) , lentils , tuna ... absolute . It is better to have 4-5 small meals 2-3 large meals. This keeps your digestive system to be overloaded , sugar remains in the blood longer than usual , and maintain high energy levels.
3. Eating eggs every day
Just touch the eggs , but I suggest you start the day with scrambled eggs . Why ... because if you skip breakfast or eat a bad breakfast , playing " calorie catch-up" the day . By doing so, you gravitate towards junk foods and comfort foods that contain lots of sugar and empty calories .
4 . Do not consume empty calories and diet sodas
Empty calories are sodas and juices that pack tons of sugar and calories. The average American now has more than 25 % of his / her calories from what they drink. Very bad news! With the exception of protein shakes , avoid the calories in their drinks . Stick with water and tea.
So working with this "lose weight fast diet " scheme to get something you can use and be happy with their weight loss efforts .
If you are sick and tired of having the same old boring weight fast diet tips and tired of losing ... you know, like " Eat more fruits and vegetables, drink 8 glasses of water , and blah , blah , blah " ... then you have found the right person . I'll make weight loss easy and enjoyable for you ... And not boring !
Many people are not aware that water is a fat burner. Helps the body stay hydrated and flushes toxins from the body at the same time make you feel fresh and healthy. It also makes the skin clearer and give you a radiant complexion with the right foods .
You can drink as much water as you want, because it contains no calories at all. Every time you feel hungry , drink only water and see you were not hungry , in fact, just thirsty. Drinking water will help give the feeling of fullness in her body looking .
The first thing you should do in the morning is to drink a glass of water or more. The advantage of having water in the morning is to prevent the body from dehydration and help toxins gathered in the evening to be evacuated. It also serves as a stimulus for the digestive juices and makes your body feel fresh .
It is a common mistake that people make while dieting. They think that if the water is to help weight loss and other liquids can also help , but it is wrong to think so. Drinking sodas can be very dangerous and can impede your progress losing weight. Since they contain sugar and sugar is not good for the diet.
However, green tea has been found useful in weight loss . So it is good for the stomach , it is advisable to lose weight , but should not be used as a substitute for water.
Are recommended eight glasses of water for the average person . However, for a person's weight should increase the amount , especially if you are exercising too. You need to keep drinking water at regular intervals , even before you feel thirsty . Feel thirsty your body is already dehydrated and passed the time drinking water. If you have been on a normal diet and exercise, and still have not seen any results , then this factor may be absent. Start drinking lots of water and see the change soon.
Everyone is looking for a quick fix. Looking for ways to lose weight fast is no different, the 1000 calorie diet is no different. Of course, you can lose 2 pounds a week when cutting daily caloric intake of 1,000 calories . The important question is , can you do it safely !
Studies suggest (Institute of Medicine Dietary reference intakes macronutrients report) sedentary woman should have a calorie intake of 1,800 calories per day , an active woman should have 2,000 calories a day , and a very active woman should be between 2,000 and 2,500 calories daily dosing.
Health professionals recommend to aim for a weight loss of 1-2 pounds a week , and keep you going when you're dieting, do not try to lose more than 2 pounds per week.
That said, this diet is only temporary to start your new healthy eating habits. The best thing to do during this diet is to choose the healthiest foods low in calories that you can find . If you eat foods high in calories , you can easily go well above your calorie intake during the day. You will be determined and disciplined to successfully reach your goal.
5 tips for weight loss after 1000 calorie diet

Eat at least 5 times a day .
Eat every 2 ½ to 3 hours per day. This keeps your body in a state of digestion.
The combination of starch, protein and fat prevents fat storage .
If you eat pasta, always eat in the morning or early afternoon .
Reduce consumption of juice and drink black coffee , tea and water instead .
Tips healthy diet foods
You can mix and match these and other foods in your daily diet . These are just suggestions to get you started .

Means golden apple
Ground turkey
Eating vegetable protein and
Chicken / turkey lean
Virgin olive oil for cooking.
Spinach Salad / Olive Oil
Brown rice ( long grain )
cooked broccoli
Advantages and disadvantages of 1000 calorie diet

Quick Weight Loss
easy meals
There are no forbidden foods
The caloric value of packaging / food Online

Difficult to meet nutritional
Now you know how to lose weight quickly and safely with the regime of 1,000 calories . Selection of the best foods to eat while on this diet will determine how you feel during this process. You will see the number of calories in a diet of 1.000 days will bring two pounds a week , if you count the calories accordingly. Do not forget to make sure they are the healthiest that you can get calories. Good Luck .
Millions of people are struggling with trying to lose weight and keep it off. The healthy way to lose weight is to burn more calories than you consume . Obesity is the second leading cause of preventable death in the United States and a third of Americans are extremely obese . To lose weight, you have to change your eating and exercise habits according to what your doctor advises . Losing weight can improve your health and make you feel better about yourself . Two important factors in weight loss are good eating and exercise habits .
Consult your doctor
Ask your doctor about diet program and exercise is good for weight loss . Discuss the programs that are healthy to suit your lifestyle and budget.
Set your goals

Eat fewer calories and lose weight
Changing eating habits , eating more slowly
Get support from family , friends and colleagues to help motivate you to lose weight .
Limit consumption of small portions rather than large
Drink alcohol in moderation
Skip the fatty and fried foods
Fill the fridge with healthy, low -calorie
Learn food triggers such as stress , relationship problems , self-esteem , etc.
Enjoy healthy food, such as fiber , fruits , vegetables and protein
Eat fewer snacks like cookies, candy , chips , etc.
Preventing health problems
Exercise and diet will help improve your overall health and lower your blood pressure , diabetes symptoms , stress reduction to help reduce depression , etc. Exercise has many benefits that will help physically , mentally and socially .
Avoid unhealthy foods

Reduce food intake
Avoid all carbonated beverages, foods with salt, fat , fast food and junk food
Avoid all deserts
Drink at least 8 glasses of water a day
reduce snacks
Eat healthy snacks
Eat meals at regular times
Avoid eating before bedtime
Stay away from eating in front of the computer or television
Exercise regularly
Exercise burns calories , gives energy and feel less tired you can do more during the day . Excessive weight gain is the excess calories are stored in the body and , therefore , increased weight. An exercise that you enjoy doing, like walking, swimming , biking , jogging or going to the gym will be a good motivation for wanting to lose excess weight. Find something you like and stick to build your daily routine through the program of parties, family gatherings , etc. and soon you will notice the difference in your weight.
Weight Loss Tips
Sleep amount seized is required to exercise regularly and help give you energy. Eat fruits and vegetables at every meal . Buy a scale and weigh each week. Find an exercise buddy and exercise together. Take a picture before you start your diet and exercise program and after losing weight. To avoid excesses and ask yourself , is it really worth it if you eat all the time? Reward yourself going to the movies ( avoid popcorn and soda ) , a new dress or a new book read anything distract you away from eating something. Keep your diet and keep the weight you want to lose
Let's see together what are , in fact, the most effective and powerful exercises to burn fat in no time. Moreover, here , it is certainly a good and a bad way to go about it. What has been shown repeatedly that works best for this purpose are of high intensity and short duration of training for many sets not only a great .
What you want to avoid is the formation of the state of equilibrium , also known as cardio , aerobics , long distance running , etc. ) Aerobic training burns fat, but not very well . It can be catabolic (read: wasting) And if you do it wrong, you might even be bigger! Yes , it's true ! High intensity training ;-) uses less calories, but not the number of calories burned is important here, but the hormonal response you get from burning body fat ... fast.
This is rule # 1 for fat burning and weight loss training :
All exercise should be done when in a calorie deficit / carbohydrate depleted state . So I should not have eaten for a while in the morning before breakfast is usually the best. If you are not exhausted and carb calories from the foods that you will not lose weight. Even the best exercises to burn fat in the world could not.
So , instead of burning the body will burn food as fuel instead . Here are the best exercises to lose weight and tone your body as soon as possible:
• Interval TrainingBest exercises : Sprint / Running !Interval training can be swimming, running, rowing , cycling , almost everything.Try some 5-7 sets of 30 seconds at a rapid pace, with 30-120 seconds rest between sets.
• body weight exercisesThe best of them : burpees and squats !You can pair 2-4 years, for example,Burpees followed by Push-ups, squats immediately followed abs.Rest for 120 seconds and repeat.
• weight lifting
The best exercises : squats deadlift / / LEG- press!Try this:Deadlifts followed by traction followed by Leg Press Bench Press followed .Do 20 to 25 repetitions , then rest for 2 minutes and repeat.But beware ... that could become green in front of him!
And that's it : the most effective exercises to lose weight. Why not give these a try , these workouts will speed up the weight loss results by a wide margin . You will notice a slimmer waistline and better your body almost immediately and within a few weeks , the entire body can change significantly : friends and family will not believe your eyes ...
We all know that obesity is an epidemic in North America, with the United States in mind. The United States is the country with the most overweight and obese people on the planet . Nearly 65 % of the entire population is considered overweight and most are considered obese.
There are many factors that contribute to a person's weight , the tools of the important elements for weight maintenance and weight is diet and exercise. Because we consume more calories than we need , our body will store excess fat. Over time, your body will start to store more than this will lead to overweight and obesity. Added to this problem is that we do not have enough exercise , so we eat more calories than you burn , and we're sitting in front of the TV or computer all day with very little activity . Inevitably , this will lead to overweight and obesity over time.
One of the best and most effective exercise routine that you can use to lose weight is aerobics . The term aerobics air. And it supports the activity that increases your heart rate to about 20-25 minutes. Aerobics is an excellent way to lose weight because it burns calories, increases your metabolism and make your body more efficient at burning fat even when at rest .
Step is even more effective for burning calories . Step uses a platform or step for performing aerobics, or dance like routines . The reason why the step is so effective in burning fat because it uses the principle of aerobics , which increases heart rate, increases the amount of oxygen needed for the body , while larger working groups of muscles in the body. Thigh muscles , hamstrings , muscles galore, and have muscles are the largest muscles of the body. The movement of these muscles need a lot of energy, this energy is provided by stores calories in the body . Therefore, the more these muscles are more calories are burned in the body.
Step aerobics is also fun because you can move your favorite music, develop coronation, new dance routines . You can also improve your balance , strength level step. But I think the best part of aerobics exercise is that you can do in the comfort of your own home. If you have a VCR or DVD, all you have to do is get some videotapes stage or DVD, which costs a bit of money online and you can work at home aerobics at your convenience and privacy.
Many people avoid the step because they believe that is high impact and can create problems for the knees, which advance with the right shoes and the right job on this form, you can still get a great aerobic workout without the risk of damaging knees . That said be careful to take the plunge and is very important to stretch and warm up for the release before beginning an aerobic exercise routine . This reduces the risk of personal injury and damage to his knees . But once you follow these simple tips you can lose weight, get in shape and increase your endurance in just six weeks to work 3-4 times a week for 45 minutes each time.

People exercise for many reasons, but one of the main reasons is to lose weight . There are so many ways to exercise is difficult to know what is good for you. Any type of exercise is good , but the best exercises for weight loss are the most effective exercises . To view the results of weight loss should include both cardio and strength training exercises to burn calories , burn fat and build muscle . These exercises can be done at home or in the gym. The best training includes exercises that work all muscle groups of the body to lose weight effectively .
Walking - Walking is a great cardiovascular exercise. What's so good? It can be done anywhere, without the necessary equipment, so that everyone knows how to walk like we do every day to get around. Include at least 30 minutes of walking to your daily exercise routine . To make it more difficult to increase the time, the speed and incline .
- Interval Interval Training helps increase exercise, increasing the intensity of an interval. Increasing the intensity of your workout your body burns more calories than fat to help you lose weight. For example , if you start to walk , add intervals of 1-2 minutes of jogging or running through your routine. Improve your fitness, help you see faster results in weight loss .
Squats and lunges - Two squats and lunges work all the major muscle groups in the lower body at the same time. This is an advantage because it does not have to do different exercises for the quadriceps , hamstrings and glutes . It is important to maintain good form while doing squats and lunges to maximize performance and avoid the risk of injury . While doing squats keep your back straight with your feet . Bend your knees while lowering your back and knees over ankles. With slots to keep your back straight and your weight on the back foot. Maintaining balance while reducing the knee to the floor without touching the ground .
Abdominal crunches abs - help strengthen the abdominal muscles. It is important to contract your abdominal muscles while holding the back on the floor , and lift the neck , shoulders and upper floor. To avoid arching your back put your feet on the floor , which engages the hip flexors .
Pump- ups are a great exercise to strengthen the upper body . Pumps to strengthen the chest, shoulders , triceps and core muscles . Remember to keep your body in a straight line from the shoulders down to the feet. Keep your abdominal muscles and glutes engaged as you lower your body down and get him back. For beginners, you can start with your knees on the floor . To make it more difficult to pump your feet on a stair or bench.
Bent over rows - Bent Over Rows work the opposing muscle group to the pump , back and biceps. Keep your knees bent , bend forward at the hips abs engaged and extend the spine. For beginners do Bent Over Rows without weights.
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